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IT Team Manager - Merchandising & Supply Chain

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Datum: 29-dec-2021

Plaats: EVERE, BE, 1140

Bedrijf: carrefourb

Interested in joining Carrefour Belgium? Welcome aboard! You will become a member of our team, a team of 10.000 motivated and committed people.

All day long, in the stores or at our HQ in Evere, we give our ultimate best to make our clients happy. 

As a leading and innovative food retailer, with more than 800 stores, Carrefour Belgium offers to its client’s different store concepts: Carrefour Hypermarkets, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Express and .

IT Team Manager - Merchandising & Supply Chain




The IT Merchandising & Supply Chain Team Manager:

  • Is responsible for supporting the End to End merchandising and supply chain processes (the flow of orders and deliveries between our stores, our distribution centers and our suppliers, etc.)
  • is responsible for the efficient coordination of the various IT activities and projects within his team / scope while ensuring the implementation of the strategy.
  • ensures the operational follow-up of its portfolio of applications.
  • maintains regular contact with related partners.


Quantitative Data


  • Responsible for a team of + - 10 experts (int. and ext.).Developers, Business Analyst, ....
  • Functional link with the project managers: between 1 and 4 project manager(s).
  • Variable budget depending on the scope / applications to be developed / maintained.
  • A vast ecosystem of applications


Main purposes


Project Management

  • takes the leading position on all projects taking place within its scope in order to ensure coordination.
  • manages the budget::
    • co-develops and monitors the budgets of current and future projects.
    • controls planned and actual costs.
  • provides an up-to-date overview of all cross-functional work components:
    • ensures the proper execution of projects in collaboration with project managers.
    • participates in the implementation of projects respecting the timing in collaboration with a project manager.
  • is the guarantor of the quality of the projects assigned to it.



  • is responsible for the proper operational functioning of the tools developed in terms of quality and efficiency.
  • holds regular meetings with the partner and ensures compliance with the commitments made.



  • participates in the implementation of strategy within IT.
  • applies the strategy in the day-to-day management of its teams.
  • carries out projects on the basis of this strategy.


Team Leader

  • actively strengthens the collective intelligence of the team.
  • builds a balanced team and drives collaboration.
  • develops the expertise, professionalism and customer orientation of the team and of each member of the team.
  • optimizes the internal functioning of the team.
  • ensures internal communication.
  • is an active Carrefour ambassador and encourages team members to be just as much.
  • promotes the culture of feedback within teams.
  • commits and engages its teams in the interests of Carrefour as a whole.
  • encourages and promotes the diversity of profiles, cultures and experiences within its teams and promotes a working atmosphere in which differences are valued.
  • brings the Carrefour strategy to life within its teams.
  • ensures that the teams have a good understanding of Carrefour's strategy and ambition.
  • inspires in its teams a deep commitment and a sense of responsibility.


People Management

  • carries out the HR cycle.
  • directs, motivates and develops employees in accordance with the Carrefour leadership model and guarantees their level of knowledge and expertise.


Operational Excellence

  • optimizes internal processes.
  • ensures the correct application of the procedures put in place and takes any necessary corrective actions.
  • encourages teams to take measured risks and challenge existing procedures and processes.
  • mobilizes the necessary resources, optimizing existing resources while prioritizing speed of execution to guarantee quality.
  • promotes communication within teams and encourages speed of action by ensuring consistent interfaces between its department and the rest of the organization.
  • is a force of proposal on a daily basis to experiment with new ways of improving the customer experience.


Required skills: 


  • Experience in a similar position and / or in team management is a plus
  • 10+ years of experience in SAP; experience with ECC Retail or S / 4Hana is a plus
  • Good general view of SAPSolution
  • solutionsoriented / IT minded
  • Excellent communication 
  • languages: EN + FR or NL / trilingual is a plus

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At Carrefour Belgium, we promote diversity, gender equality and inclusion.

Our ambition is to attract new employees and retain our current employees, regardless of age, background and professional experience.

We are convinced that this way of working will strengthen our results, our customer focus approach and innovative strength.